The Love and Kindness of Family

family picture  Feelings of nostalgia have caused me to think about my parents today.  I had intended to blog about my mother on Mother’s Day, but I was remiss.  Since Father’s Day is next week, I have chosen to write this tribute to both of them.

I am grateful to my parents for giving me life and for giving me such a good one.  It’s hard to believe the last decade they were alive was the 1980’s, and I often wonder how they would feel about the state of society today.

I know they would feel deep heartache over the choices some people make today, but I believe they would choose to focus on the good in life and not the bad.  As Bro. Mark quoted in his sermon today, Proverbs 13:20 tells us to, “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”

My parents showed kindness and love to everyone. My father never knew a stranger, and my mother was the gentlest woman I have ever known.  Their spirits walk abroad in our family because, even after all these years, my cousins (both near and far) still refer to the goodness in them both.

I miss my parents terribly, but I am thankful for the example they set before me.  Even though I’ve taken a little poetic license here and never once called my mother “Mom,” blogging this story today helps me remember their kindness and love.

One day, I remember it well,
Our parents brought you home and said,
“Now we can tell.
It’s no longer a mystery.
You have a baby sister. Yip-ee”!
“But I wanted a brother,” I cried.
“Oh, honey,” Mom replied.
“Everything’s going to be fine.
Just be loving and kind.”
From that day on
We’ve been together
Hanging out
Like birds of a feather.
You in your sneakers
And me in my clogs,
We’ve often fought like cats and dogs.
“It’s my turn to wash
And your turn to dry.
Mom, she’s bossing me again.
I don’t understand why”!
“Now, girls,” said Mom.
“Everything’s going to be fine.
Just remember to be loving and kind.”
You wanted a bride doll.
I asked for a Chatty Cathy.
We certainly drove our parents
More than a little batty!
We fought over this.
We fought over that.
We needed assistance
Just choosing our hats.
“Now, girls,” said Mom.
“Everything’s going to be fine.
Just remember to be loving and kind.”
When you were five,
You started to school.
The first day you cried
And lost your cool.
When you finally found me
Just down the hall,
You dried your tears, as I recall.
You liked the city.
I liked the farm.
I think you often twisted my arm.
“Now, girls,” said Mom.
“Everything’s going to be fine.
Just remember to be loving and kind.” 
Our tastes have been different
From books to prom dresses,
Even the way we’ve worn our tresses.
Over the years we both now agree
Mom gave good advice to my sister and me.
“Now, girls,” said Mom.
“Everything’s going to be fine.
Always remember to be loving and kind.”
Sorry, Mom, that you had to be our ref.
My sister is now my BFF!

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