The Symbolic Lion

lion cross

An old English proverb states that “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” I think it’s going out the way it came in. I don’t like the wind, but I do like lions.

As an English teacher, I especially like literary lions.

A lion befriended Androcles. Elsa was born free. Aslan made the ultimate sacrifice. A lion symbolized Gryffindor House, the house of bravery. The cowardly lion proved not to be the least bit cowardly. Lancelot’s shield depicted rampant lions that boasted of his courage. The Lion King was, well, the lion king.

Christ is the Lion King of Judah. “Thou, O king, art a king of kings: for the God of heaven has given thee a kingdom, power, strength, and glory.” –Daniel 2:37.

Christ earned His kingship by wearing the crown of thorns and by sacrificing His life so that we might have eternal life.

The lion is often used to symbolize the resurrection because, according to legend, the lion lies dead for three days after birth and revives only after the father breathes life into it. What a wonderful reminder of the Easter story!

This spring let us remember the courageous lion and the sacrificial lamb.

Speaking of lions, I recently penned this poem in honor of an encouraging friend.

The Hedgehog and the Lion

A hedgehog and a lion

Were an unlikely pair.

One had prickles,

And the other had hair.


The lion did not roar,

And the hedgehog did not bark;

But they saw each other daily

While walking in the park.


One day the hedgehog saw the lion

Stumble on the sharp root of a tree.

When he tried to walk again,

He was using only three.


“Let me help,” cried Hedgie.

“I know what to do.

I’ve seen lots of prickles.

I can pull one out for you.”


Leo sat back on his haunches

While Hedgie examined his paw.

He smiled as the kind spiny stranger

Removed the sharp wooden straw.


“Thank you, Mr. Hedgehog,”

The Lion said with a shrug.

“For taking care of me,

I’d like to give you a hug.”


“It’s okay,” said Hedgie.

“I’ll pull in my quills.

Then you can hug me,

‘Cause a hug always heals.”


From that day forward

Their friendship grew and grew,

One big furry feline

And one prickly little shrew.



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