Life, Health, and Happiness


When I was younger, I remember hearing a man in my church begin every prayer by thanking God for life, health, and happiness. Ditto that!!

As I grow older, I am reminded of this prayer more and more often. I see my nephews, who were just born yesterday, enjoying their thirties and beyond. I see their children growing like weeds. I can’t slow the pace of life, but I want to savor the moments.

I am grateful to my sister for sharing her family with me. I am grateful to her boys for sharing their love, their music, their ideas, and their children with me. From “Rockin’ and Readin’ Mondays” with McCullough to “Night, Night Train” with Sarah, I have loved sharing my favorite authors with my family.

I hope McCullough, Catherine, Patton, and Sarah remember the books we’ve read, the stories we’ve written, and the plays we’ve performed. I hope they remember AJ’s party mix and pumpkin cookies. I hope they remember “Connecting the Dots” and playing “Old Maid.”

revelers in red
Revelers in Red

Their unconditional love, their innocence, their laughter give me light and hope in a world that often shows darkness and despair. Lord, I pray my family will always rest in the palm of Your hand.

Dear Lord, help me to savor time and its treasures. Thank you for the dimples, the giggles, the prayers, and the night-nights. Thank you for the life, the health, and the happiness that are on loan from you. Amen.


“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”      –Charles R. Swindoll

Psalm 16:11; Philippians 4:19




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