Rush: A Reader Review

rush cover

In her new book Rush, released by St. Martin’s Press in August 2018, author Lisa Patton addresses the need for change. An array of courageous characters reveals the author’s empathy for the plights of young and old, black and white, rich and poor.

While the plot does revolve around sorority traditions on the campus of Ole Miss, readers without knowledge of Greek society life will find the story compelling.

Fans of Leelee and Kissie in Patton’s Dixie series will quickly become champions for the causes of new characters Miss Pearl, Wilda, and Cali. The reader will also love to hate Lilith, a pretentious pharisee whose “rapacious thirst for wealth and power” spurs others to find the courage to change more than one unjust Southern tradition.

Like a rich Southern dessert, Rush contains sprinkles of Harper Lee, Tennessee Williams, Clyde Edgerton, Jan Karon, and Fannie Flagg; but Lisa Patton’s personal wit, sincerity, and compassion rise to the top of this need-to-be-told story. This author has crafted yet another hit as delightful as a ripe Southern peach.

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