Language Lessons: Verb Conjugation

Verb heart

When asked to identify the most important part of speech, many people might answer, “The noun.” However, in my opinion, the verb is the most important, and often misused, part of speech. A sentence cannot function without a verb. Even in imperative sentences with an implied subject, the one spoken or written word of that sentence is a verb. Listen. Learn.

Colloquially, people often say things like, “I seen it!” or “I had went.” Even though everyone else might be using these expressions, they are grammatically incorrect.

Whether you are currently involved in homeschooling, distance learning, or virtual learning, I’d like to offer some assistance with basic verb usage. Younger children might be introduced to verbs through Irina Gonikberg Dolinskiy’s Parts of Speech Parade (illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams).

parts of speech parade

Middle school students might benefit from Everything You Need to Ace English Language Arts in One Big Fat Notebook. (Disclaimer: I do not own this book, but I have skimmed through it at Walmart. It appears to be a good resource.)

middle school language arts bk

For high school students, as well as college students and adults, the latest edition of Hodges’ Harbrace Handbook can be a valuable reference tool. Yes, I know Google or Alexa is readily available, but your Wi-Fi hot spot might not be.

harbrace handbook

Once again, the verb serves as the heart of the sentence. It expresses the action of the subject, or it links the word following it back to the subject. In English, six tenses are used to show the time of the verb’s expression: present, past, or future.

Verb conjugation 2

Regular verbs form their past and past participles by adding “d” or “ed” to the base form. These words are not difficult to conjugate. Most problems arise with irregular verbs which have no consistent usage rule.

This list of Common Irregular Verbs pdf may be used for practicing conjugation. Simply plug in the correct form of the verb in the proper section of the Conjugation Graphic Organizer pdf.  Use the Verb Conjugation (go) pdf to determine which form of the verb to use with which tense. The Conjugation of See pdf might also help.

Note: The past form of the verb is never used with a helping verb. The past participle form of the verb is always used with a helping verb.

I am also including an explanation of Troublesome Verbs pdf, which I hope you will find helpful.

My language lessons are based on your requests; so if you need guidance in other areas, please let me know.

“Good words are better than bad strokes.” –William Shakespeare

Colossians 4:6; Proverbs 141:3; Proverbs 21:23






2 thoughts on “Language Lessons: Verb Conjugation

  1. Well Joyce another good leaning tool for youngsters and we oldsters. I actually went through each reference pdf to see what I remembered and actually did pretty well; except for the pst perfect participles. I found my self saying I see, you see, he,she and it sees…good old conjugation. I am passing this on to Diane’s nephews wife who is home schooling. The child is in the 1st grade, but, she can keep this for future use.

    Again, thanks for giving me today’s educational moment. Yesterday I had another 4 hour educational moment. I attended an online conference where one of the topics discussed continuing education for members of a Board of Directors that do work for the Government. I had completed all but one module of an online course and as they discussed Board members needed to complete a course of instruction I went on line and finished the last module and got my certificate completion. I also have to complete 30 hours of ancillary training each year. I guess learning never really stops.

    We are keeping busy here in Kentucky with inside and outside projects. Diane painted the Florida room and I have been in the storage/work shop building making signs, cutting boards and of course pens. We have been visiting with family and yes, been wearing masks and social distancing where we don’t know if/how the family members have been adhering to the COVID 19 guidelines. We actually, have been the only ones who have worn our masks to family events. We have ventured out, masks in hand, to visit some antique shops and of course do out bit to keep the 127 yard sale going. It was pretty neat to see that most folks were adhering to the Governors mask mandate.

    We have been attending on line church and have seen Mary Johns playing the piano. It’s good for you to take a break. Please tell everyone in our Sunday School class that we said “howdy”. I anticipate that I will be home in the first or second week in September. Diane may stay another week to get the house ready for the few months that we will not be here. I also have to work at Good Sam later in the month and have a Good Sam board meeting sometime in the month.

    Have a terrific Manchester Friday.

    Pete out there >


    1. It’s good that you guys are enjoying your home away from home and staying busy. We miss you! Mary Johns and I are actually playing every other week; so I’m not sure why you’ve missed seeing me. I took two consecutive Sundays when she was waiting in Covid test results. She was fine but concerned she might have been exposed.

      Hope to see you soon!


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